Celebrities in Cannabis : Is this the rise of a dawning new industry? Could it be the right time for CBD to flourish amidst the uncertainty surrounding this plant?

Although there doesn’t seem to be much movement in terms of legalization of cannabis in Asia, the cannabis movement has gotten itself some momentum in the west. A number of US states has passed marijuana reform bills that has legalised cannabis for adult use. As cannabis is getting more into the mainstream, plenty of high profile people are getting into the cannabis business.

Cannabis Celebrities 1 : Seth Rogen – Houseplant

Houseplant made its introduction back in March 2021, and the initial response was so overwhelming that its website crashed. Partnering with his creative pal, Evan Goldberg, the line was first launched in Canada before premiering in the US. For sale at 17 dispensaries in California, three strains of top-shelf flower available, each named for a weather phenomenon: Diablo Wind, Pancake Ice, and Pink Moon.

Cannabis Celebrities 2 : Jaz Z – Monogram

Chief Rapper, chief husband and Chief Visionary Officer at ‘The Parent Company’, Jaz-Z dropped not only the mic but also a premium luxury brand of weed in flower, pre-rolls and a 1.5 “OG Handroll” under his brand- Monogram. With its rather high price point, Monogram earned some irk from the consumers but the reviews are pretty decent.

Cannabis Celebrities 3 : Bob Marley – Marley Natural

This line was started by the Raggae Legend’s family, paying homage to Bob Marley’s love for the healing herb. Marley believed “a healthy, sustainable relationship with nature not only benefits us as individuals, but also is essential for global well-being and happiness,” the website says. Marley Natural cannabis is cultivated by independent California growers using responsible farming practices, and that the company is “dedicated to environmental responsibility.”

Cannabis Celebrities 4 : Carlos Santana – Mirayo by Santana

Not to be left behind, guitar god Carlos Santana has his own cannabis line which encourages consumers to ‘enhance your mind-body flow’ and tap into higher consciousness. Santana says : “I’m a flame-keeper for the spiritual revolution that made a happening like Woodstock possible, the striving of universal love”. He is also advocating for cannabis use as a “door to divine wisdom”.

Cannabis Celebrity that we don’t know but should : Tommy Chong – Tommy Chong’s

One of the first-ever celebrity cannabis brands, Tommy Chong’s Cannabis is available in just about every state with legal weed. Chong has also loaned his name to a limited-edition line of Birthjays; starting on April 20th, 10 percent of proceeds from the sale of the specialty birthday-candle-joints will go to The Cal Asian Foundation.

Perhaps one of the most famous celebrities to have embraced the plant (Complex called Tommy Chong the Patron Saint Of Stoners), Tommy has spent his career as a trailblazer who has fought for cannabis for over 40 years. There’s more than meets the eye to this character – that should warrant a revisit (or a guest star on Mettapuff, dare I dream, in the future).

So there you have it. A quick summary of the who’s who who got into the game. haha. Till the next time, keep on the metta.

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